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The Raynbird sound is one that’s continually evolving.

The first album “The Beginning” was a solo work that aimed at fusing traditional 1970s -1990s era reggae with electronic music.

Since that album Raynbird has grown in both membership and musical depth and creativity.

Raynbird now draws on the eclectic background of each of its members to create a very modern and unique reggae sound that’s fun and interesting. We like to think of Reggae in a more global sense, so we start by building on Rayner’s vocal lines and groovy reggae inspired basslines then add a touch of Funk, Jazz and Blues courtesy of Austins guitar riffs.

The rhythm section features Jon’s solid and innovative drum beats and Ambre’s arsenal of middle eastern and African percussive instruments some of which aren’t typically found in Western music.

We also give the music a more modern feel by incorporating synthesizers, electronic instruments and sound effects typically associated with trance music.

Our goal is to bring Reggae into the modern age, to make it more global in appeal and add our own take on it without losing the spirit of the music we all love and enjoy.

We hope you enjoy our music.




Rayner is a self taught musician born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. He founded the band in 2017 with the aim at bringing a more modern global feel to the music while still retaining the spirit of what makes reggae a classic and powerful genre.




I was born and raised in Upstate NY. My first real hobby was playing the drums at the age of ten. It stemmed off to bands with my friends, talent shows and playing in bars for money. By the time I was 15 I started playing guitar/ukulele to spice up the free time I had at home. I moved to Bluffton, SC in July 2015, doing sessions and open mics in the free time.



Ambre Shawney

Ambre Shawney is a Percussionist and  Entertainer. She has performed for more than 9 years as a Professional Belly dancer.Ambre grew up in Southern Germany on a military base. Growing up she had a lot of musical influence from her family. She sang in chorus for many years and starting playing many instruments at the age of 12. She finds Inspiration from classical and modern rhythms.  Her passion for dancing and music brings a unique vibe to reggae with her knowledge in Middle Eastern and African rhythms.




After watching many of my high school friends play along to artists on the radio, I was hooked. Playing guitar would soon become a part of my life. It was then that listenening to Van Halen, James Taylor, Randy Rhoads, Eric Johnson and Jimi Hendrix meant something different; I was a more active listener. My days as a teenager were spent absorbing anything that had to do with guitar and guitar music. After years of playing at home, I played guitar for the head of classical guitar at Hinds Community College and received a classical music scholarship. I studied music for one year before choosing a different path in life.

After graduating from college I played in several bands in the Jackson, Mississippi area with styles ranging from heavy rock to R&B to Top 40. Acts included Mutha Load, Jack Up the Pontiac, The Pat Brown Band, Billy ‘Soul’ Bonds, and Faze 4 among others. In 2008 I decided to move to Savannah, Georgia as a change of scene. Upon arriving I joined a group by the name of Sunset Jet. We played in the 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Battle of the Bands and won first place. Other musical ventures have included acoustic duos and trios.  In my years of playing I have really tried to absorb various types of musical styles ranging from jazz to rockabilly to swing.

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